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Give Your Face a Lift with PDO Threads

Do you crave a face without wrinkles and hollows, but don’t want to go under the knife? The minimally invasive PDO thread lift might be just what the doctor (or the dentist) ordered.

Jul 20th, 2021
Wait No More with CEREC Technology

If you need dental crowns but don’t want the hassle of multiple appointments or messy impression molds, the all-digital CEREC technology might be just the thing for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Jun 29th, 2021
The Root Canal: Why You Have Nothing to Fear

Many people fear the term root canal, erroneously thinking they’re incredibly painful procedures. However, not only are root canals no more uncomfortable than any other procedure, they actually relieve your dental pain. Get the facts here.

May 21st, 2021
Dental Sealants: Setting Your Child Up for Healthy Teeth

You make sure your child brushes and flosses every day — can you do anything else to promote their dental health? Talk to your dentist about dental sealants, which can protect teeth from decay and set up your child for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Apr 15th, 2021
5 Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

If you have stained, cracked, or gapped teeth, but don’t want to invest your life savings to fix your mouth, you may be a good candidate for porcelain dental veneers, a permanent solution for your smaller tooth problems.

Mar 1st, 2021
Am I a Good Candidate for a Nonsurgical Root Canal?

Root canals are designed to save a dying tooth and prevent the need for bridges or dentures. Keep reading to learn what signs and symptoms to watch for that indicate you may need this common dental procedure.

Feb 16th, 2021
Laser Therapy for Gum Disease: What to Expect

Gum disease is painful and destructive, but there’s a new player on the block that can eliminate it more effectively and comfortably than traditional techniques: laser therapy. Learn what you can expect from this treatment in the post below.

Dec 10th, 2020
In-Office Teeth Whitening: Look Years Younger

Do your yellowed, stained, or discolored teeth make you embarrassed to open your mouth? In-office teeth whitening can not only give you back your dazzling smile, but it can also make you look years younger in the process. Here’s how.

Nov 12th, 2020
Veneers Can Fix More Smile Flaws Than You Think

Dental flaws can range from small to big, but they all have one thing in common: They make you self-conscious and embarrassed to smile. The good news is dental veneers can fix more smile flaws than you probably know, while promoting good oral health.

Oct 16th, 2020