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Orthodontic Services


At Dr. Raul G. Molina, Jr., DDS, we are proud to offer the most advanced orthodontic services for our patients. We understand how important it is to have a brilliant smile, and with orthodontics, we can help you achieve perfect, straight teeth. 


How does orthodontic treatment straighten your teeth? 

Orthodontics is a dental practice specific to correcting teeth that are misaligned or improperly positioned. Our orthodontists treat malocclusions, or misaligned bites, that can cause a variety of health issues like difficulty chewing, trouble speaking, pain and discomfort, and even poor oral hygiene due to bacterial infections developing in those hard to reach places. The goal of orthodontic treatment is to realign or reposition the facial bones and jaw so your teeth and bite are aligned properly. This correction is often made with braces, plates, headgear, or other orthodontic treatment devices. Regardless of what your treatment may include, we are eager to find the best treatment plan for you. 


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